AMEN-RA-LIGION1 = RAVISION + REALIVISION = REAL-LIVE-VISION: Replacing racist radicalized renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion! COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Pt.2


RaLigion Ravision2

YES: A RaLigious individual internally involved, do not need to politically practice, perform prayers. One is never to be praying to some man made, mentally manufactured mythical man. Making mindless, meaningless Mytholigions, in which, eventually evolved, into a 90b0718c7df645fcEurocentric evil enemy energy entity! 

I mean meaningful mythologies, taken far outside the perimeters of their truest, contextual contents of cosmic creative characters. Therefore, I’ve invented tong twisting, toning, tuning, training, teaching, Talented True-Up U-Turn Terminologies! 

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AMENISTRA x AMENISTRY: = a + am + me + men + en + is + try. Amenistry – Amenister – Amenist-Ra

Satanically Slaved Spirituality & Solar Sexus Souls; are set fully free from slavery by and through, Anointed Artistry And Appointed Amenistry an ancient Africoidian Aboriginal Ancestry.

458bc8c60f0f9ee8Slavers satanic sanctuaries, criminal crazy CauCrazian Christian Churches. Catholic child molesters, Pious Pope Priest pedophiles, kidnapping killers of young boyhoods. Hideous haters of healthy humanhood = HUEMAIN Holistory Heritage Health + Hotep Healing Happiness – Help – Humor.

Specifically + Strictly: Not a single one of these religiosities, expressly, The Nation of Islam – Muslims – Mohammedans; Asiatic Arabs and or African Americans, calling themselves “Blacks”; are acceptable. No matter how some misleaders wantonly wish to try telling We’s & Us’s how that Minister Mr. Elijah Pole Muhammad; is some how an exception. Refusing to acknowledge all of the frauds, fictions, facts in The Spirit of Truth; that his main mission was to successfully spread the religious racism of Islam, herein, the devilishly demonic divided dis-United States of America’s Angloidians! mp3

Bastardized Black Bitchcrafts Bigots; Self-hating hypocrites: Likewise, if and when these tricksters get online, over the Internet; talking tough trash, y’all learn how to listen up very closely and take Notes vs. 696980ffa3ab664cVotes. Pay attention to how glibly some of them try to sneak in something that is totally untrue. Expressly proclaiming and professing certain ascertained asinine asses, notoriously known individuals, ministers, preachers, pastors, are “Honorable”. Butt, in reality of fact; they are proved beyond any rational reasons to doubt, Dishonorable!

butt ass-2BUTT: Truly this make them fakers, fraud in fact liars and the leaders of longstanding lies thereof. When Mr. Min. Elijah Poole proclaimed that the “White Man” was; “The White Devil”; he neglected or declined to tell Africans in America all about The Black Devil & Brown Devil – Redbone High Yellow Devil. And that alone = Devilish Deceit – Demonic Deception!!

Then We’s & Us’s would have had a crystal clear clarified conscious, not so confused about these dangerous detriments, of a manmade manufactured MYTHOLIGION; and Racist Radicalized Renegade Rouge Reptilian RACE RELIGION!!!

3c0e9824fa9d244cMy messiah melanin mastermind major mindset; against him personally, is that he himself, came inside my house – happy home, land, neighborhood, community, with his hideous hostile hog hate, pigs pork prejudice, swine swearing stupid stuff. Insidiously invidiously insulting, and attacking and violently – verbally assaulting my love ones = MY PEOPLE!

Foolisly F…ing round with our original organic organisms; ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE-1; Survival Spiritualized Source, Sovereign SOLOR SEXUS SOUL FOOD FOREMOST FIRST FAMILY FUNDED + FINANCED FOUNDATION. He deliberately (tried and attempted to); destroy Africoidian Aboriginal culinary cooking customs, clean culture and Divinely Decreed Dietary Dinner Delights!

“An Eye For An Eye”:
Therefore, these thug liars don’t have to worry about the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, “White Supremacists”; etc., etc., etc. Butt, they would wiser worry well about Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 via COMFORTER COMMANDER CHIEF COLOR KINGDOM NWCA:

“Thy Kingdom Come”; “For Thine Is The Kingdom.” “Old things are passed away: BEHOLD, I make all things new.” “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth.”

Love Goddess_C3

Creative Evolution1

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anima cloudy_earthYES: My Master Mind Mandated Must Melanin Messiah: True-Up U-Turn Terminologies; Tells the total terrestrial territorial truths 100%+. Not partial truths 50% -60% – 70% – 80% – 90% or 99%!!
1. Ancient ancestral All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa, arrived as Aboriginal Africoidians, and Albinoriginals as ascendants.

2. Namely Negroidians were of the very deep dark, blue-blacks x browns, who internally mixed their RAYZIAL type traits, with the light Afri-Albino-Whyites + pearly pale pink pigmented persons. Generating various superficial surface skin solarizations; cosmetic coloration complexions. Middle-C browns, redbones – high yellows.

3. This tissue toning – tanning – tinting, transitioning took place, inside the continental or geographical land mass of Mother Africa, as we commonly call Her. Nobody had migrated outside at this ticking timetable, primitive period.
4. I’ve imagined and envisioned: Melanin membrane members mixing, mingling, mating, marrying manifested. Admixtures as amalgamations and Africoidian aggregations + Negroidian-Negrations came about. Producing The Darks & The Lights!!

Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codes

5. Combining the above RealiVision = REAL LIVE VISION: still staying inside of our originating Occupyneers =ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE-1; Mother Homelands; AAAA+, She surely has a vast region with differing temperate zones, climatic conditions; in which, further caused coloration cosmetic complexion changes. Circulating charged currencies, changing circuitry! [ref. ]

Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codes neg image

6. Phenotype traits, transitioned, so did tissue tones – tans – tints transfigured. Yet each and everyone remained Rayzially rarefied. Uniquely individual persons, terrestrial territorial tribes, foundation family folds, concurring clans!
butt baby sexy girl7. BUTT: After tens of thousands of years of growing, multiplying, populating, many multi-millions moved, mixed melaninated migrated, into other outside, uninhabited lands, geographical locations. And yawl remember to take true Notes vs. Votes: that these early EARTHORS, where not necessarily, per se, “Blacks”! Butt, were as we are presently today; blue-blacks, browns, redbones – high yellows; inclusively, pearly pale pink pigmented people of the planetary populations, period.
8. Divinely Decreed Declared Deliberated Diversity: And no “RACE” of Hue-Mainoidians or humanoids, ever existed. We’s & Us’s are a RAYZ; of our one only Origina-Org-One-1, HueMainRayz!!!

LOVE GODDESS-solarized

PHANTOM-PHYSIICS: Primary Principality Photons, Proton Pure Potency Powers; Producing Public People’s Planetary Populations = perfected progeny + personalized prodigy!!
Albeit, better births, baby born bestowed beneficially blessed, by basic best beginnings. Graciously. generating grandly great gifted genesis genius.

Now Next y’all are to for sure know these truths too: That today’s so commonly called Caucasians or CaucAsians are Caucasoidians of the freezing ice ages, cold climatic conditions of the Caucasus caves. Came crawling out as cannibalistic creatures, concurrently crazy CauCrazians!

Pineal Gland-1YES: The earlier age Afri-AlbinOriginals as Aboriginal Africoidians, mutated once against to adjust and adapt and adopt to their adverse atmosphere – arid areas. That often survived by eating each other, human flesh and blood, bone and marrow. At times it was a mandatory meat menu meal must!
Nevertheless, cannibal criminality, caused crazed crookedness, culminating corruptions. Consequently the cancerous, cellular corrosions of the Caucasians cosmic conscience, clogging – congesting of their conscious, calcifying the Caucasoidians Pineal Gland
Destructively Devolved Devilish Demonism: The descended downwards into the dumb dirty dumps. animated-pirateEventually evolved, into today’s existing evil enemy energy entities = Eu-Rope-ans vs. Europeans!!

Only until approx. about: “The Invention Of The White Race” by Theodore William. Allen. Presentation (1919 – 2005)

A racist religious “political invention”. “Not simply as a social construct, but as a ruling class social control formation.” and as “White Privilege”; And I vehemently say; CauCrazians Criminal Conspiracy Control-Coalition Collusion Collaborations. “White Terrorist Dominators”! According to Dr. Kamau Kambon.

Thereby; identifying themselves as being: “Whites” and a “Race”; they further devilishly descended downwards, dehumanizing themselves, also, accordingly; as asinine a-s-s angry Americanized Angloidians, antagonist adversaries, alien agencies ant-against All Alpha-Albebulan-Africa’s Aboriginal Africaoidian + Albinorginal ascendants. Inclusively, Afro-Americans, Afro-Mexicans, Afro-Latinos, Afro-Asiatics = Afrasians, Afrindians, and as I AM Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1.
anima-beavis_NOTE vs. Vote: That I made a differentiated distinction; between, the so self said: “Whites” & WhitTies wicked witchcrafts westernized world. And that contrast artfully applies to AlbinOriginal Africoidians as; the Whyites.

WHYITE – WHYITES: = why + it + e + s. Whyites are ascendant Albinoriginals and Aboriginal Africoidians of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa. And this is exactly why they are the truest terrestrial tissue tints, with whitest superficially surface skin. As I’ve invented and imagined a decisive differentiation , between western world “Whites” & WhitTies wicked witchcrafts, and Whyites!!

Buttocks jeansBUTT: The pronunciations sounds similar, yet are articulately expressed – enunciated. Such said simply; Why-ites. Our oncoming offspring are able to easily apprehend these specialized speeches and spoken sounds, wittier words of wealthier wisdom.
Therefore yawl realize how that these tyrannical thugs, tissue tormentors, torturers, tissue traumatizing haplotype trait terrorists, did not evolve on devolve inside Africa. They do not come about at all as Aboriginals, nor did the crazy CauCrazian Caucasoidians, who killed off their own clean cultured Cauc-Asian countrymen and countrywomen; mutate upon the geographic lands of LOVE GODDESS MOTHER MATRIACH MAATRIX!!!
Haplo-Half-Hybid-Humans: who hold human history hostage; Humanity’s Holistory Heritage Health; are actually, inhumane and insane. They’re 80% to 90%; less than a full fledge HueMainoidian of HueMainKind. And they have historically acted like who and what they truly are: barbaric behaving beasts and bloody brutes!
Thus they then, are the invading immigrants, into internal Africoidian affairs. Not needed to be: “Black” lands, butt, Aboriginal indigenous inhabitants lands. As explained earlier, Wexz & Usxz are not all the exact same superficial surface skin solarizations. So let us no long permit arrogant ambitious African Americans, denying that they are, stereotype stigmatize everybody with their old plantation style Satanist Slave Master’s “Black” brandings!

Self acknowledging Africans in the Americas United States Slavers Statutes: Now realize that truthfully; we completely cover, compass, comprised consummately, the entire existing; cosmetic coloration complexions!

SOLARSUN Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul Savior SUNGODD DEITY: Divinely Decreed Disc = COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts + Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth’s Vibrant Vital VegePlanTerRain = Clean Culinary Cultured Cure = Collard1 +Mustard2 +Turnip Greens Grassroots Grounds Growths Genesis Genius Gracious Gifts.

Mytholigion_colorMytholigion_color neg image

SATANIC: Secret societies started staying stupidly stuck, staunchly stubborn. Saying that they have become the mythological gods and goddess, in the human flesh and blood, bone and marrow  These testimonies, twisted things went to their hard heads. Religiously they began believing in bogus bull baloney, blatantly bad bigotries. Belonging to the “all black” brandings! 

0449-0710-0315-5928_TNAnd as these lost losers of yesterday, did indeed, name themselves; after fictitious felons, historical herons, mystical mythical men and women, dooms day gloom was bound to happen. Devilishly demonic desolation destruction divinely decreed destined!

False identities, causing civic crisis: calling each other, Isis, Asset, Amen, Osirus – Assar, Heru.  They wantonly wish to be closely associated with illusionary imaginary greatness, grand and great glory. Delusions of Grandeur!

As authentically authorized, appointed and anointed Arthiest Actionaries, ArtistCHD1’s, decided to draw and paint portrait pictures, to show the oncoming offspring, generations of truly talented, genesis gifted genius, the dos and don’ts; what’s wisely wealthy and what was wickedly witchcraft wrong!


RaLigion RaVision2_neg image

Certainly coloration cosmetic complexions come concurrently cultured: blue is bountiful, black is beautiful, brown is beauteous, red is royally radiant, yellow is mellow. Butt, those brothers and soulless sisters who wantonly wish to; “bring black back”; better best beware!

Our originating ancient ancestors, around All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s Aboriginal Africoidians and Albinoriginals, are against their negatively needless Negro – Negroidian nasty nose naughty notions!



Full story + unified listings:

YES: Z-BlackRayz + z-Blac-Keys: are invisible involvements. Encompasses every existence, each element; energies, entities. Equals = executing exercising. Extraterrestrial ecologies + economies = EcoEnergystics. They travel through timetables terrestrially, transcending space and manifested material matter.

Constituting cosmic CyberSpaceAge actualization. Having no beginning nor any ending. Essential elements of the Center Carbon Core Creation Cradle. And when compressed, condensed, consolidated, Z-BlackRayz appears to look boldly black, casting an optical illusion, and psychologically perceived delusion of the mind. Howsoever, this means, that they are not necessarily opaque; butt, are transparent thus translucent.

butt45BUTT: Surely y’all have heard of what scientists say are microwaves, wavelengths; inclusively, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays. Also commonly called columns of light as from sunbeams-beacons, sunshine, sunlight, starlight.

The Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrix, results from radiation rays emanating, emitting from SOLAR SUNGODD.

The primary principal perspectives, optical view point of real-live vision of the seeing eyes of living creatures, animals, and human bodily biological-beings. Yet Z-BlackRays very essence, permeates, penetrates and transcends all atoms, atomic activities as Arthiest Actionaries.

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YES: The “Garveyites” and of what the “conscious community” commonly call: “Garveyism”; has cocoon concocted, conjured up another Religiosity and fail fatally to creatively conceive; Raligiosity.

These treacherous traitors, have make believe branches, set-up and strategically staged societies, sort of like satanists. Bogus based on bad beliefs. Expressly, corrupting, those ideas that the Honored Mr. Marcus Mossiah Garvey, publicly proclaimed, politically proposed, and practiced.

butt bottomsAll Due Respects-Regards: Howsoever, he never created concepts, nor invented ideas pertaining to establishing enterprising economics, business building, constructing companies. Butt, what actually happened, was that he was very receptive to others who had long advocated and advanced; financial funded family foundations = forthcoming fortunes = $$$
Yet today, these tricksters tries to take away what belongs to many melaninated membrane members, men and women, of Africa’s Aboriginal Africoidian ascent. blue-blacks, browns, redbones – high yellows. Not as an individual person, instead, as a collective citizenry; of then named Negroes = Negroidians = “Blacks” as a Latin language. Although “Coloreds” and or people of color, Africans in the Americas United States Satanic Statutes, all contributed collectively to the causes of Freedom and Liberty and Justice. Not some senseless so sadly said: “Black Business”!
This talented True-Up U-turn all around, arriving, regenerating realities, are accurately ascertaining and accounting actualities. No longer trying to make heroes out of our outspoken orators. Basically because, hero worshiping is in fact, religious idolatry, worshiping westernized world WhitTie wicked witchcraft. Blatantly bad, brainwashed – bribed, bias, bigoted bastardized black bitchcraft!

When Mr. Garvey proclaimed publicly: “Race First”; that terminology was in practice at that time. Nevertheless, we’re now today living in our 21st century Cyber-Space-age. Comprehensive cosmic creative chemistry = realistic radiance RAYZ. Superficial surface solarized skin shades, tissue tones – tans – tints. And there’re no sorry a-s-s alibis and pitiful excuses, for us not to readjust and shift sensibilities soundly and sanely!

Moreover, I often hear some online over that airways talk radio shows, playing audio tapes – sound tracks of Garvey’s lectures, oratory outbursts, talking negatively about African Americans. Him openly and vociferously castigating, constantly criticizing the; namely Negro females of color and of Africa’s ascension.

I mean, saying some stupid stuff, even though, a lots of it was – is true. Butt, the way in which, he goes about it publicly, can easily piss these womenfolk off. Calling them vulgar, profane, whorish and obscene. He is said to had been a devout Christian Church Catholic. Yet his ugly language, even eloquently spoken, thus turned them against him, on the city streets and urban areas of poverty. And other Black & Brown skinned brothers, bared false witness against Garvey in a criminal court of law. Lied and or exaggerated the truth. And he was condemned and sentenced and exiled out of the country; USA!

MARCUS-MOSIAH-GARVEY+Frederick Douglas+ Booker-Taliaferro-Washington +AmeriAfrindian Ascend ArtistCHD Ancient Africa’s Africoid Authorized, Anointed Appointed Artistry+ Authentic Ancestry = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts + Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson Garveymight + PanorAfrica = Africaspora!!! or 


Yes, as one looks up and out into the darkest night heavenly skies, the vast ocean seas of blackness, then, these are Z-BlackRays. And SUNGODD’S solarized energy entities, Eco-Energystics, Equals: Love Life Light Locks.


SUNGODD = S.U.N.G.O.D.D= multiplicity, mathematically multimillions.
1. Gift Omnipresent Divine Dimension
3. Genius Orgasmic Divinity Domain
4. Grace Optimal Declared Deity
5. Grand Optical Opioid Defined Divine
6. Great One Organic Disc Destiny

1. Sublime Universe Neutron
2. Spiritious Unified Nations
3. Serene Unity
4. Starship Universal Nature

Likewise, We’s & Us’s are Z-Blac-Keys by which the eyes opens up the closed, locked doors of multi-dimensional domains. Including the pineal gland, 4th configured eye. Allowing living organisms to sense, see and perceive of the truest Nature of All Might Divine Grace.

butt white tightsBUTT NOW KNOW: How that a number of We’s & Us’s,  and African Americans, are calling themselves; “Blacks” of a “Black Race”! Which is a term taken form the old-school state of plantation prison politics. Having no healthy human help or humane healing. And was conjured up, concocted by criminal CauCrazians vs. Caucasians = clean cultured Caucasoidians vs. unclean uncultured citizens.

Hand me down, passed on from generation to degenerations of offspring, kids. Consciously corrupting and conceptually criminalizing children of cosmetic coloration complexions. Due to the tissue tormenting – torturing terrorists, teaching these treacheries. Intentionally taking the truest values out of the bio-bodily based black. Superficial skin solarizations!

Nevertheless, I have happily replaced, restored, refreshed, reinstated, re installed, the Rare Rich Royalties + Righteous Resources. Reverberating – resounding resonance + radiance of The Blac-Keys and of The BlackRays. [ref.]

RAYZ vs. Race: Trump card color codes corrupted contrivance, conspiracies. Seeing since they; the Sociopath Supremacy Superiority Satanists, have raped and robbed and raided royal richness, while denigrating – degrading – devaluing – demoting; the color black, as if it pertains to people’s pigmentation. I’ve courageously counter combated CauCrazians competitively. Composing center carbon core creation cradle, ColorComPlexTrix.

Hypernyms (“ray” is a kind of…): light; visible light; visible light; visible radiation ((physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation). Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of “ray”): low beam (the beam of a car’s headlights that provides illumination for a short distance). Laser beam (a beam of light generated by a laser); sunbeam; sun-ray (a ray of sunlight); moon ray; moon-ray; moonbeam (a ray of moonlight), high beam (a ray of sunlight); (the beam of a car’s headlights that provides distant illumination) heat ray (a ray that produces a thermal effect)


Spiritiously: “Study to show thy self approved unto God” (SUNGODD) a workman who needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Tyrants, thugs, tricksters; “Traitors, heady, highmined, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.” = (SUNGODD DEI TY) Having a form of godliness, but denying the power of God thereof: from which stay sway.” Walking around all puffed up, acting as if they have helped heal humanity, yet has helped hellishly harm, hatefully hurt Humanoidians and Earthoidians!

“For this sort are they which creeks into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts.” Soulless sisters and bogus brothers, creeping all around the inner cities, urban areas, looking for young girls, silly women who wantonly wish to become porno-princess, sex sellout Samboes, lusting for freaking, f….king fun and for financial fortunes. Caught captives by capital cash currencies, and are cute queens with many lackluster desires to make money.

butt47BUTT: “Black“ Negro nutritionists, devilishly demonic dietitians: “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” About ancient ancestral Africa’s Aboriginal Africoidians culinary customs; Collards1, Mustards2, Turnips3, Greens gifted grassroots grounds gainful growths. Chlorophyll curative, clean cultivated crops.

Refusing to positively promote potent plant power, in which, We’s & Us’s down home cooking brothers and soulful sisters, know, is holistically healthy; Solar Sexus Soul Food Foremost First Family Foundation.


YES: Amen-Ra Raligionists, righteously read what we were, told and taught, is “The Holy Bible”. Indubitably indeed, “Study to show thy self approved unto (SUNGODD DEITY). Replacing the single – separated – segregated; word written as “God”! 

Basically because, historical hatemongers, have hideously held humans hostage, with western world WhitTie wicked witchcraft. Twisting and turning the TITLE; into a humanized image of a so self said: White Male”. Naming him “Jesus Christ”. A European man person bio-bodily being!

AMEN-RALIGION: Restores + reinstates + reinstalls + refreshes righteousness, Rare Rich Royal reciprocity. Rendering realistic resources!

Recalling, retracting, rebuking, renouncing, rebuffing racialist Reptilian Race religions. Returning radical rationalizations, to their trans-tissue toxic terrorist terrestrial territories of torments and traumatic tortures!


DeoTrox DoeTrix_color ned imageDeiTrix DieTrix_color

Ass Model_NC BUTT; Know now today, that none of the commonly called Caucasians, had  anything to do with ancient ancestral Aboriginal Africoidians artistries. Nor does our original creative arts, pertain to Europeans or Eurasians of Europe and Asia! (As we know about them today.)

KemEgypt_Sacred Symbol Syllables_small

KEMEGYPT = Kemet + Egypt:
Exclusively belongs to authentic Africoidians of All Alkebulan Africa!

ALL ALPHA-ALKEBULAN-AFRICA: Actualized antiquity’s Kemet + Egypt = KEMEGYPT. And y’all can completely comprehend; creatively conceived; CHRYIST or CHRIST, is a strictly and specifically societal safe secure secret. Optimally our original organic organisms; Spiritious Sacred Scriptural Sanctuary. [read research ref.  ]

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YES: Let us go back into our originating ancient ancestral Africa’s Kemet + Egypt = KEMEGYPT. Thus to tell the total truths 100%+. There’re more meaningful mythological stories written, drawn – painted -carved into hard clay stone; about Esoteric Extraterrestrial Evil Energy Entities, existing envies, exhibiting enmities. Such specific story saying: Seth as a son of badness, wrongness, evilness, wickedness, so forth and so on. Then there is Heru or Horus, the son of goodness, wholesomeness, fairness, truthfulness, so forth and so on. Surely these statements and stories goes all the way back B.C.E. = Before The Common Era, commonly called: B.C. ‘Before Christ’!

Moreover, this truly means that; far in advance, of any asinine ass angry Angloidians arrived, prior to the evil enemy Eu-Rope-ans, = evolved Europeans, ever existed, these things took place. Among who or what is identified as “The Human Race”; and I identify as early EARTHORS of the HUEMAIN-RAYZ (S)

Albeit, Africoidian Aboriginals had inhumanity and insanity; to deal with wisely, with wittier world wisdom, worshiping wealthy womanhood. Love Goddess Mother MAATRIX; with Love Peace & Harmony, holistic humane healing, happiness, humor. Having HueMainity’s Holistory Heritage Health Hotep! [ref.]

Therefore, before Wexz & Usxz, can completely cure “Racism White Supremacy”; “The White Terrorist Dominators”; then, all Africans in the Americas United States Satanic Statutes, are commanded to come consummately cleansed, culinary-culturally + correctly cured. No longer considering themselves or ourselves, as biologically – bodily being a, “Black“ “RACE”; butt, a RAYZ!!

ORIGNAT-ORG-ONE-1: Organically originating Occupyneers of; Z-Blac-Keys and Z-BlackRayz!! (Cosmic Creative Chemistry Coded Cosmetic Complexions.) [ ref. “Race Is Racism – Neely Fuller Jr” ]

KemEgypt SSS_negative image

Perceptively perspective + retrospective + respective: Ancient Africans of Egypt and Kemet, Cush and Nubia, and all other gloriously Great Golden Ages, all finally faulted, fatally fail; falling fatally!

BLACK SUPREMACY: Predating “White Supremacy”; Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Serving sinister scientists, self-serving sorcerers, sneaky shyster snakes, stealthy serpents, systemic System SATAN!!!

The Dark skinned societies, dominating and controlling the Light skinned societies. And this went on over tens of thousands of years. The Aboriginal Africoidinians and Albinorigingal, were suppressed – depressed – oppressed – repressed, by nasty nose naughty negative Nazi Negroes = Negroidians!

Accordingly anthropology and archaeology; adding antiquity’s artworks and ancient artifacts; bold blue-black bio-bodily beings, believed that they were superior, supreme. Better and above all Albinos as Whitexz, Pinkxz pigmented persons.  Belittling basical Brownxz, Redxz, Yellowxz.

As a direct and indirect results, RAYZIALISM: raised it’s radicalized religious rivalries. The cosmetic coloration complexions, of citizens epidermal, superficial surface skin solarizaton; was demonized, destructively discriminated against. Rich royal rulers, where ruthless robbers, raping raiders. Renegade rouges of their lowest levels of barbaric beastly behaviors.  As animalistic antagonist adversaries, acting as alien agents against Africoidian Aboriginals! 

Repeatedly regressive religious radicalizations, reduced The Nile River Valley Civilizations, to nothing = negative naught. Internalized tribal warfare, and the taking of captured citizens of neighboring countries, native-natural-nations. Expressly entrapping, enslaving those tissue tones – tans – tints, that didn’t look like they did, deep dark and Blue-Black. And this caused civic conflicts, combustible confusions and criminal chaos!

WARFARE: Black on Brown on Red on Yellow on White on Pink; crimes and violence. Self-hating, sellout Samboes, verbally insulting, orally attacking and assaulting, Down Home Culinary Customary cooking – clean cultured cuisines. Making silly sarcastic remarks that are denigrating – devilishly degrading. About what other brothers and soulful sisters chooses to eat. Demonized dietary dishes, delightful deserts, deserved delicatessens. Getting online over the Internet’s airways, taking cheap cowardice shots at African Americans; Foremost First Family Founded Food for Saving Solar Sexus Souls. Yes Spiritualized sacred SOULFOOD!!!

Evil enemy envy and injurious jealousy judged jurisdictions – Justice Jurisprudence. And eventually these Black SupremacistS, were overcome and conquered. And it was they, themselves, who unwisely permitted foreigner forces, come inside to help them fight their own African countrymen and countrywomen!

Military mercenaries, crazy CauCrazians and Asiatic Arabs, Europeans and Eurasians. Those tyrannical terrorists, who had already proved to be cruel slave masters of other “Whites” of European origins. Esp., clean cultured Caucasian females for sexual slave serving: “Black-a-Moores”. Invading Islamic Muslims/Mohammedans, mean monster madmen mentalities!

So then, I inform y’all, that the present persisting; “White & Black”; public polarization, shall surely prove to cause the exact same de-civilizing consequences, that occurred throughout Hue-Mainoidians = humanoids history of Hades hellish hatred. The fantasy fairy-tales, faulty folklore, faces fronton; whitefaces – blackfaces – brown-red-yellow faces finally, fatally!


It is well written with womanhood’s witty wisdom: “And blessed is he; whosoever, is not made offended in me.” “Blessed are your eyes that see the things that you see.”  (ChristLikelyen)

BUTT: Plainly  put, pick out the stolen Scripture in your or our versified Bibles. Realizing that a high plagiarized percentage of the written words, didn’t come from any: “Most High”, nor needless notion:; namely “God”! [Godevil]

Mankind devised the sayings, scripts himself. Thus to glorify his human state of biological bodily being. Physical presence, producing psychotic pollution poisons, plaguing public people’s planetary populations!

MOTHER MAATRIX MATURE: Melanin Messiah Mental Models: And immature individuals, can simply just stay away from COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. And all Amen-RaLigious persons purified, has no need for anyone’s ridiculous religious rationalizations.

Expressly those religious radicals who hate human sexuality and sensuality; Love2 Sex2 Romance3. The native-natural order of organization, cultured clean civilization. Pedophile priests – popes – pastors – preachers, pretending to be celibate, abstaining from sexual intercourse!

Faking faith following fools: forsaking fine fit feminine females figures. Foremost First Family Foundation Fortunes. Wealthy Womanhood’s witty wisdom, worthy of worshiping worldwide!

Showing  somebody’s sexy BUTT = Buttocks, is in no ways obscene, vulgar or profane. And from my masculine muscular man’s mentality, She’s the most beauteous living creature upon planet Mother Nature Earth!

Nobody has to be ashamed of how they feel about looking at Femininity’s features for fun. Her healthy humanity, holds a male’s attention and attraction and affection. Intentionally inciting, involving invaluable interests! [View: /]  

Love1Sex2Romance3= Spirituality+Sexuality+Sensuality = Worth Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship + Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes bio balance!! pt1

Love1Sex2Romanc3 ….Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship = Spirituality+Sexuality+Sensuality = Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes bio-balance!! pt2

YES: Ancient Africoidians Aboriginal artworks, are meaningful mythologies, mastermind messiah mental models, methods, mechanisms man-made. Howsoever, over many multimillionaire milestones, mad men’s monstrous mindsets, manufactured meaningless myths!

Consequently causing contagious corruptions, conscious contamination, to indigenous inhabitant Indians, Afrindians and AmeriAfrindians, and arriving Africans in the Americas.


MYSTHIC MYTHIC MENTAL VIRONS: These terrestrial, territorial Mytholigions, regressed into, radicalized recalcitrant renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religions. And over extending time periods__, produced psychological pollution poisons. Those terrifying trans-tissue-toxins, in which, I identify as Psychogens + psychotic personalities = priestly psychopaths!


DEVOLUTION: Devilishly – demonically devolved; into defective – dysfunctional delusions – deadly destructive desolation. Destroying great civilizations, citizenry cross-countries and compassing continents!

Furthermore, according to Professor Walter Williams; published authors of the book; “The Historical Origins of Christianity”; he proclaims that the contrived concept of Religion; was concocted inside Africa’s ancient Egypt – Kemet = KemEgyptians. Specifically spelled out for the Europeans as Greeks. And absolutely not meant for Aboriginal Africoidians! [For full story, read research ref.

Promocracy_colorPromocracy_color neg image


PROMACRACY: Produces positive propaganda, pure purposed pushed publicly. Purifying people’s planetary populations. Approx. about 10% to 12% are redeemed, delivered and successfully saved.

PROMACRACY: Produces positive propaganda, pure purposed pushed publicly. Purifying people’s planetary populations. Approx. about 10% to 12% are redeemed, delivered and successfully saved.

Howsoever, on the other hand, approx. about 88% to 90%, of hateful humans are rebuked, renounced, rebuffed, repudiated. Receiving righteous retributions and regressive retaliations. Infuriately, they made their choices, self-destructive decisions, and elected to try voting in salvation and redemption and deliverance!

PROMOTICS vs. Politics: Proving potent photon + proton powers. Promoticians instead of politicians. Personalized prayers placed properly. Inner-Vision of Prayer. No longer looking for some savior, outside one’s internalized Infinite Intelligence, Intellectual Input, Immediate Immaculate Imagination!

In the traditional Christian religion, “Jesus” is their “God”; materially manifested, in the human flesh and blood, bone and marrow, in a “White” males’ person bio-bodily being. A bible based belief!

OK, Butt, better beneficially born bestowed blessed, is the also believe, and have faith, then carry it further forthcoming, or farther fitted and framed. Meaning using your mind’s bright brilliant brains, think in terms of what is realized in our optical organic organisms origins.

SOLARSUN is a necessitated need, no matter how one choose to religiously rationalized radiance reality RAYZ.

AMEN-RALIGIONS: is in factual reality, Humans Holistory Health Heritages, Hotep Healing Health, happily humored. Native – natural + needed!

Raligiosity is HueMainity’s Spirit Source Science System’s Systemic Sovereign Sciessence Systream. And religiosity reduces reality, reasoning rationally. Restricting, retracting real righteousness, raping – robbing reciprocity!



 Monarch Amen-Ra Buy Now  Direct Link:

Photon Poem:
Arch Angel Amen-Ra rays; Arthiest Actionary atoms amaze; Holistory’s Heritage Health Hotep help healing haze; Pure potent proton photon phase; Picturesque panorama pyramidal photographic phrase; Perfected pretty paved patterns passionate praise;  Divinely  decreed deliberated declaration daze; Clean cultured capital cash currency craze; Lords leading love life light locks laze; Better beneficial born blessed bright brilliant brainsbraze.__
Pollen Poem:
MonArch Melanin Metamorphosis; Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra analysis; Ancient ancestral Africa’s alien agents antagonist adversaries antithesis; Sacred secret syllabic symbols symphonic synthesisLove life light locks lords lean lipolysis; Holistic human healing health hydrolysis; Arthiest Actionaries aimed against acidosis; Activists are ant-alkalosis; Kindhearted kinky Kings Kemetic ketoacidosis; Priestly physicians preliminary prognosis; Declared deliberated divinely deified diagnosis.__

RoyalTrixz_colorRoyalTrixz_color neg image

Prospectively + Presently Political Power Plugs Pulled: Purposed producing personalized problem. Expressly, the rich and famous, financially fits and fortunate; Hollywood superstars. As I’ve imagined and internally envisioned via RaVision; complete capital cash currency collapse!

Causing collective citizenry class clashes, combustible civic conflicts, catastrophes and concurrent calamities, citywide – countywide -countrywide, compassing continental.

BIG BLAC-KEYS QUESTIONS: Who’s gonna be able to afford shopping in stores to buy their DVDs – CDs? Who will be going to the theaters, to watch these actors and actresses?  When we’re massively unemployed, how can citizens spend money that they simply just don’t have? How then shall these prestigious celebrities, continue in the extravagant lifestyles that they now have today? Will most high end upscale stores close their doors, lay off paid workers?

How will these financially fallen fame and fortune finders, pay for their multimillionaire mansions and expensively homes – cars – clothing? As the USA fatally falls financially, morally, ethically, spiritually, mental, then what will we all then, indeed do? Will it be  a wide wakening? Will it be far too late?

How will these financially fallen fame and fortune finders, pay for their multimillionaire mansions and expensively homes – cars – clothing? As the USA fatally falls financially, morally, ethically, spiritually, mental, then what will we all then, indeed do? Will it be  a wide wakening? Will it be far too late?

The Spirit Source Sciences System’s Systemic Sciessence Sovereign Systream! Sensibly, soundly, sanely shifting Spiritualized Sensations Sublime.


The Eye of SUNGODD DEITY: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” Indubitably, the leading Lords Love Life Light. “But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness.” Devilishly demonic darkness!

“If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!”; If therefore the lackluster light that is in you be delivered into deep down darkness, how great is that demobilizing darkness. Butt, if your evil eye is turned into an excellent eye; how efficiently you are able to see inside the divinely decreed deliberated darkness.

“Gold Diggers”; says successful males. Are African American athletes accusation aimed at African American females. And I profess that they’re preprogrammed plantation sex slave styles. She has never overcome her historical Slaver sexually raping and robber them of their womanhood. And tend to unconsciously and consciously, blame “Black” men; instead of, “White men”!

“Let mine outcasts dwell with thee, Moab; be thou a covert to them from the face of the spoiler : for the extortioner is at an end , the spoiler ceaseth , the oppressors are consumed out of the land.”

The ladies having a Euro-Anglo-American “God”; planted inside their minds, is a psychotic pollution poisoning, passed on from and for generations, without stop. Contaminating the conscious thinking of offspring generations of young girls. A criminalizing capital cash currency curse! 

“In thee have they taken gifts to shed blood; thou hast taken usury and increase, and thou hast greedily gained of thy neighbours by extortion, and hast forgotten me, saith the Lord GOD.”

Often exhibiting extortionist ideals, to get as much money, “by all means necessary”; out of young African American males of color. And her having preplanned pregnancies, put her into a politicized position, to profiteer. Push the males away and out of the house, remotely removed from their young kids. So she can file legal papers for a divorce, leading to collecting child support payments. Attempting to satisfy her hostility hate historically hold her humanly hostage!

“But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.”

Butt now today I have wisely written unto yawl not to keep close company, if any man that is called a brother be a freaking f…king fornicator, or covertly covetous, or an idiotic ignoramus idolater, or a raping railer, or a demonic drunkard, or an evil enemy extortion, with such sick sucker Sambo, one like this never sit down at the dinner table to eat.

“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess.”

The hateful human harlot hoe: Nasty nose naughty namely negative Negro; Sucker stooge sycophant sellout soulless sister Sambo; Racist renegade rouge Reptilian race religious roe; Terrorist trans-tissue toxic tormented tortured toe; Wicked witch women’s worldly woe.__

SAMBO soulless sisters: She sadly aborted babies born and those unborn. Multimillions melaninated membrane members maimed, mutilated, manslaughter mass murders; by mad minded mothers. And the harlot hoe, her hideous hatred of human bio-bodily baby born beings, has come back upon her. And was not raped nor robbed, butt, she seeks doing whatsoever, she wantonly wishes with wicked witchcrafts, blatantly bad bastardized black bitchcraft! 

UniverseManDeity | Other Files | Arts and Crafts


Direct Link:

YES: My mastermind messiahs, mental models,  melaninated  membrane members multiplex-Rayzial bio-body, being bestowed better beneficially born blessed. As only one original organic organisms, HueMainkind, and HueMainRayz. “For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ” Horus Heart Divinity in oneness.

And so is ArtistCHD1 ChriystLikelyen. The Chriyst in me the hope of glory. “The Christ in you the hope of glory.” [ref.]

“For the body is not one member, but many.” For Aboriginal Africiodians make multimillionaires mixed melanin members. The Lights and The Darks!!

HueMainKind + Vivian Queen | Other Files | Arts and Crafts

HueMainKind + Vivian Queen

Direct Link:

Next notes…

Twenty First Century: Cosmetic Colorations Complexions Cyber-Space-Age advancing Africoidian Aboriginal ascendants and All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa. Surpassing, superceding such saying: “Blacks” as African Americans.

Basically because, by being branded “Black”; became backwards beliefs blocking better beneficial bestowed blessings! It’s biologically based bogusly, blatant bias bigotry; bastardized black bitchcrafts!

Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz

YES: I know how that there are numerous African Americans activists, attempting to “Bring Black Back”; butt, they are fighting a long lost losing cause; one that they can’t ever win victoriously!

Therefore, hearing history telling them this, they bully – brag – boast “Black Liberation”; “Black Power”; “Black African Power”; this that or the other black brandings!. Yet it has historically been proven profitless, of very little if any true values = $$$.

And actually, our oncoming offspring, gifted generation of kids, small school children, are learn these True-Up U-Turn lessons of real leadership!

Children’s Cyber-College Curricular Cosmic Computer ColorComplex.
Read more: http://ck-nwca-save-babies-kids

Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz -color_neg image

Moreover, the trickster thing about it all, is that they try to trick, Africans in America. Another form of deception and devils deceit. Especially, interjecting, interfacing, interrelating Africa’s affairs, and America’s internal affairs, with the brand “Black”; As if these things are interchangeable. And this is exactly what these leading lecturer liars would have the naïve gullible people of color believe. Psychotically playing politics! Colorblind, calling colorful Brown, Red, Yellow, a prismatic spectral hue that they simply are not!

Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codes

RESPECTFULLY: I’ll name at least three misleaders, causing citizens to go remotely astray. Dr. Neely Fuller, Bro. Booker T. Coleman, the last great Min. Mr. Khalid Muhammad = Harold Moore. And some others; who glibly assert that there’re different or various “shades of Black” people! As there is a light and a dark black, butt, if so in actuality, Rayzial radiance reality, they world be various shades and tints of gray! By adding the color white to black or vice versa!

Next notes…

Khalid- AYES “Black Man“: Mr. Harold Moore Minister. Khalid Abdul Muhammad Muslim X-Nation of Islam. Who was misled, deceived, betrayed by this: “Criminal Organization”; according to Min. Mr. Malcolm-X Little Shabzz Big Red 1965.

The first and last true Americanized Arabized Islamic Muslim – Mohammandan men. Both bright brilliant brains, were assassinated, Malcolm-X_7murdered, killed by other untrue “Black” brothers of their; religious racialist revolutionary rebel radicalism!

In spite of if in fact wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker CauCrazians, were behind their deaths or not. Or paid somebody of dark melaninatd skin color to do their deadly dirty devils deeds or not. Nasty naughty nose negative Negroidians = N…words; carried criminality out as evil enemy entities, extremist Eu-Rope-anized executioners!

Complete Closure, came about after Mr. Moore’s demise and death, with no more meaningful Mohammedan Muslims left; herein, the USA. Regardless of “The New Black Panthers” leaderships, presidents, having a religious agenda as antagonist adversaries and alien agents against ascendant Aboriginal Africoidians and anti-All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa. None are truly trustworthy!

Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codes neg image

Y’all can clearly see them trying to play psychological games with our minds as misleaders. Who don’t know what they are talking all about, on this subject. No matter how good intentioned they think that they are. Regardless if these tricksters truly tries to set us free and at liberty; from: “Racism White Supremacy”; somehow? A lie is of liars!

Surely, these stated so said scholars, talkers, teachers, leading lectures, have all stepped outside of their areas of expertise and authenticity and authority. They apparently know nothing about artworks, artistic attributes. Nor know anything about mixing various color compositions, hues of the prismatic spectrum. Magnificent colorful rainbow!

This is MY ASSIGNMENT & ANOINTED ARTISTRY: They need to shut up their dysfunctional defective degenerative; dumb down mindless – meaningless motor mouths. And follow my color charts of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:


Africarambee vs. Harambee – Sophia Stewart “Mother of the Matrix”+ “Terminator” via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1.
YES: Soulful Sister Sophia Stewart “Mother of the Matrix” Dollar Drama: “In what continues to loom as one of the biggest criminal copyright infringement cases in the history of Hollywood, a lone African American woman is fighting the battle of her life against those who would ultimately take credit for blockbuster movie franchises, Terminator and Matrix.” *&lt):) cowboy*:-& sick
”76. Nevertheless, Defendants Gale Anne Hurd, James Cameron, Pacific Western Productions, Inc., and Hemdale Film Corporation did not reveal their knowledge of the co-authorship of Sophia Stewart to the United States Copyright Office when the “Terminator” screenplay was submitted under number PAu 584-564 on February 3, 1984 as it was their duty to do under 17 U.S.C. 506 (e).”
YES: I AM The Original Creative ArtistCHD1 AmeriAfrindian, author of the authentically authorized anointed artistry; AFRICARAMBEE. Never to be confused with those “all Black” brothers and sisters who have copycat – plagiarized the slogan “Harambee”. Although Wexz & Usxz are originals!*'@^@||| dizzy*=P~ drooling
It’s a mandatory must, mandated ministry and anointed artistry of Africa’s ancient ancestry. African American people of color, are ordered to cease robbing and raping and raiding the rare rich royalties, resources belonging to individual persons. Those who look like they do! *:O) clown
Intentionally ignoring, those of us who challenges them to tell the total truths 100%+. Acknowledging advancing artistries, actually arrived, and achieved. No longer looking for something or somebody else to come, when who is called chosen and sent is already here.The Oracle Ones!! Female & Male + Masculinity & Femininity!!
Legally and lawfully: “Trademarks can apply to slogans, mottos or logos and can even apply if the goods of a particular manufacturer or seller are packaged in a unique way.”
CASE CAUSE NO. 2014: COMFORTER COMMANDER CHEIF COLORKINGDOM New World Creative Arts, holds the Creator’s copyrights, talented trademark, and intellectual property, of ArtistCHD1. Long after he, I am deceased, dead, transitioned back to our origins, all of my artworks remains copyright protected.
So as its wealth increases, in rare rich royalties, resources, nobody can come calling these treasures, stolen, taken from someone else. As would and or will be the legal lawful criminal cases concerning those violating the indigenous individuals, inhabitants as Africa’s Kenyans. Their national Cote of Arms and Emblem, slogan, trademark “Harambee”.
“Intellectual Property: Ownership interest by an individual or entity in creations of the human mind that may be protected under the law.”
I supposed that as long as the misled, misguided African Americans, Africoidians in the Americas.who “Black” brand themselves, are not making much merchant money, a lawsuit isn’t worth the time, efforts and energies and economics. ‘Ya simply can’t git blood out of a dry turnip!’ *:(fight) fight
Nevertheless a ten years internal investigation, may warrant a stinging sweep, strategic seizures, searching for financial extortionists and expert thieves! Computers, physical properties might be confiscated, taken way from those of a Culpable Mental State of criminal guilt!? *:-? thinking
Howsoever, *X( angryCK-NWCA, can’t afford to waste wealth with wicked witchcrafts, blatantly bad bastardized black bitchcrafts. Basically because bad behaviors, usually, eventually come back around biting bigots bias butts. Sooner or later, if or when, some success happens, capital cash currency comes in, bank accounts accrue and artworks appreciated, here they come claiming copyrights and infringements of original ownerships!!
Meanwhile, Aboriginal Africoidian ancient ancestors, Arch Angels, are against all adverse actions. Those that refuse to pay just regards, due respects, and honest homage, towards other brothers and sisters, creative artists, innovative inventors, gifted geniuses. And think that it’s OK, alright, to simply share, steal Intellectual Property, because they can. Expediently exploiting copyrights of foreign countries of Africa, calling themselves; “Working Together For Progress”; as an apparent take away from our original saying of The East Kenyan country – native -natural nation!
World English Dictionary: “Harambee 1. a work chant used on the E African coast 2. a rallying cry used in Kenya — interj 3. a cry of harambee [Swahili: pull together] Having absolutely nothing to do with Euro-English and Anglo-Americans, nor African Americans!
Many melainnated membrane members, are doing these dastardly deeds that are divisive, destructive and devilishly demonic. And often they try to consult – confide in, and seek the legal advices of other “Black” attorneys, African American lawyers. Who when walking inside; “The White Man’s” criminal courts, are frequently found guilty as criminally charged!*:(( crying
No questions about it, he runs and rules the USA’s Court System of Justice & Injustice Unjustly. He interprets and misinterprets, the legalities and legislative laws, the way: “The Whites” see financially fit. Butt when will We’s & Us’s learn lessons teaching these truths 100%+?
Trademark:: A distinctive word, phrase, logo or other graphic symbol that is used to distinguish one product, company or organization from another. Trademarks seek to protect against customer confusion.”
I didn’t know is usually the idiotic ignorant claim of ignoramuses. Ugly unruly, unclean, uncultured, unschooled, unlearned, uneducated, national Negroes Black branding themselves. Guilty gutsy gambling ghettoized grownup gangsters. Having no foresight, seeing what’s going to come in the near or distant future. Financial failures, faulty family funded foundations, finalizing fatalities = $$$. On The Event Horizon!
Discovery Dates: Therefore, those aiding and abetting bogus “black” brothers and self serving soulless sisters, shall surely suffer severely. Anybody involved with criminal activities, wittingly or unwittingly, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, are suspects seriously sentenced. DivinelyDecreed Devil Damned!*>:) devil
Under One HUEMAINLAW, year 2014: condemned, and cursed citywide – countywide – countrywide. A SPIRITIOUS SUMMONS, sent 2013, and “We have arrived” at the this pivotal point, punitive punctual punishment!
YES, They have been repeatedly admonished – cautioned – warned of their wicked ways; wantonly wishing worldly wealth, without creating, inventing, originating it. In operational order to originally own the titled terminologies, true talents, anointed artworks. Staying staunchly stuck stubbornly stupid! *=D> applause
I’ve Imagined and internally envisioned: That some Mastermind Melanin Messiah male, would – will be blessedly baby born, grow up to become the Leader of Africa Kenya, Removing those propped proxy puppet profiteer politicians; imposed – implanted, by evil enemy Eu-Rope-an Empires and The USA. He has political powers to press punitive prosecutions, of all those suckered stooge sycophant sellout Samboes!
Selling copyrights, mineral rights, unwarrantedly giving permissions to outsiders, to the national name “Harambee”. Thus to foreign forces, when they never actually owned them, in the first place. Predatory profiteering pirates, preying mantises making multimillions; manufactured merchant monies, making no mention of origins! *=; talk to the hand
Coat of arms of Kenya.svg
Intelligent Intents: “’Harambee’ is a Kenyan tradition of community self-help events, such as fund raising or community development activities.” Trying to change our own beastly barbaric behaviors. And all of the so self said; “Whites” could or can die off of the surface of the planetary sphere Earth today, and tomorrow, “Blacks”; Browns, Coloreds, Negroes, N…words; would wickedly kill one another. Criminally continue to run rampantly radical, religiously racist! Mass murdering melanin members, other people of color until no healthy humans are left on the planet! Period.
The CIA & FBI: are closely watching these territorial thug tricksters, monitoring memberships, talk show hosts, guest speakers; online over Internet airways, network broadcasts – pod casts. Naïve gullible co-conspirators caught on candid cameras, audio-video recordings.
NO: You never know who one is? Secret Service Spy Specialists, are notoriously known, for their patients, long suffering silence. Never blowing their covert cause – concealed camouflaged cover! *:-$ don't tell anyone shh!
Full fledge financed freedom of Artistic Expression! [FBI called “evidence of access” “what is protected under the copyright is the expression”.] So if you have lots of money to loose, stay far away from lost losers; be wise, Beware!*:-O surprise
Similar situation: “Ms. Stewart claims (and the FBI concurs) that Terminator is also based on her seminal work (The Third Eye) and that it is, in fact, the prequel to Matrix. Initially, she was not aware of this infringement, not having seen Terminator. It was the FBI that informed her that Terminator was indeed part of the copyright infringement case and pursued a civil liberties case on her behalf. (Sarrah Connor who the Terminator relentlessly pursues in the film is Neo’s mother (Matrix). The case was ruled in her favor.”
Now today she surely has to be “Harambee”; very cautious, careful, concerned about associating herself, with others potentially profiting, possibly profiteering. Expediently and exploitatively, using her notarized name…., to attract commercialized customers, clientele, in which, constitutes conceived corruptions, criminalizing crooks contrivances. And can be accused of allegedly associating and affiliating with criminals as a co-conspirator, Or else trumped up charges, rigged, setup and staged. Loosing all of her hard earned economics, monetary settlements. financial funds, court award $$$!
COLOR KINGDOM NWCA: Comes completely cultured clean, involved in no underhanded dirty dealings. Respecting the Intellectual Property, Harambee Cote of Arms and National Emblem. By stating straight up, who it initially belongs to, when the term was invented, where and why?!
AFRICARAMBEE: actually avenges antagonist adversaries and alien agencies. Arsine asinine ass African Americans acting against; ascendant Aboriginal Africoidians, Afrindians, and as Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 and All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa!!!
*O:-) angelThank yawls with a happy hotep healthy holistic healing humor. *:D big grin*:->~~ spooky*:x lovestruck Very kindly from the kindhearted kinky KING of COLOR KINGDOMNew World Creative Arts:
Footnotes: “Intellectual property is usually initially owned by the person who thought of the concept or idea that is the subject of the intellectual property, although it can often be transferred or released though agreement, transaction, operation of law or simply the passage of time. While it is held, ownership of intellectual property allows its owner to exclude other people from using the ideas or concepts that comprise the intellectual property at issue. Depending on the type of intellectual property at issue and governing law, this right may be limited to preventing other people from using the intellectual property at issue for commercial purposes.”
“There are three basic areas of intellectual property that will be dealt with in this course: copyrights, trademarks, and patents.”
“Copyrights provide protection for works that were authored by the copyright holder. Those works can be in any form and can be delivered through any medium. Thus, copyright protection can protect written essays or books, songs, paintings and other works of art, movies, computer software, etc. See 17 USCS § 102. Copyright protection for any original work is automatic and it arises immediately upon completion of a work. Still, the protection afforded can be greatly enhanced by registering the copyright with the Copyright Office.”
“Note that copyright ownership usually allows the owner to prevent dissemination of the work and it prevents any other person from copying elements of the copyrighted work for his or her own commercial benefit.”
“Trademarks can apply to slogans, mottos or logos and can even apply if the goods of a particular manufacturer or seller are packaged in a unique way. However, it must be noted that marks, designs or logos must be unique or at least be very distinctive before they will be offered trademark protection. The effect of trademark protection is that other companies may not use that design or any designs that are “confusingly similar” to the trademarked design on their products. See Storck USA, L.P. v. Farley Candy Co., 22 U.S.P.Q.2D (BNA) 1204 (N.D. Ill. 1992).”
YouTube: Sophia Stewart‘s story: .
Next notes…

Divine Decreed Deliberation – Determination – Deified Declaration: Instead of long lost losers Liberation. What I AM acknowledging is, Wexz & Usxz, are actualizing anointed artworks, deliberately and determinately. Deliberating Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs.

NOTE vs. Vote: strictly says specifically, spend your hard or easy earned extra-income, made merchant money, within wealth. Go to my main web site domain, front Homepage, all the way to the bottom, and an active Donation button is posted. COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts via. COMPASS Banking System’s Safety Security, Sacred Spiritious Sanctuary.


“It is more blessed to give, than it is to receive.”


PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!


Of Our Optical Orbiting ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE-1

Global World Nations


BRAVELY BOLDLY BUILDING BIG BANKING BUCKS: Compass Capital Cash Currency; Clean Cultured. Forthcoming Financed Funded Fortunes Fortress = $$$ Divine Decreed Donations, Declared Deliberated Dollars = $$$. Making More Meaningful Manufactured Mercy Merchant Money x Intelligent Investment Interest 100%+Phantom-Physics-1 Pure Potency Powered Positive Production Profits = $$$


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